We believe in the imperative of business sharing its wealth to truly make an enterprise an extension of a community. We-Topia is not just another business. It is a movement. It is a model for how business should be done.


No one who works with We-Topia is an employee. Everyone is an investor.

We believe that the conventional employer/employee relationships simply proliferates economic disparity in the world. Our financial strategy ensures that the business is not only a viable commercial enterprise, but that everyone in our business can become a business owner themselves.

Designed into our business practices are the financial commitments to build a more community-spirited way of making profit and giving back.


Our satellite fund saves money for the creation of future businesses. These businesses are run by our colleagues and the businesses they initiate are connected to the core Lifestyle Village business.

We fund our colleagues with a repayable loan that is risk-free. The business they create provides free services to We-Topia, thus reduces core costs. The operators of the business enjoy all the benefits of business ownership without the risk.


We-Topia Lifestyle Villages are designed to be a close-knit part of the local community.

Our enterprise is focussed on enhancing the connectedness of local life. We believe that all businesses should not just ‘do CSR’ but should only produce locally and serve in ways that do no harm to the ecology or communal spirit of the location in which the business has been initiated.

We will be as clean as we can be. We will share what we can. We will endeavor to give back more than we take.


We are Seeking Investors

To Help Us Institute This New Enterprise

Invest Now!

We have prepared an investment manifesto for interested parties. Our business plan demonstrates ROI within 5 years. We are seeking investors who wish to build sustainable change in both business and society.

We Are Seeking Visionaries

This is not an Ordinary Opportunity

We-Topia is a Vision for the Future

We cannot continue running businesses and society using the same old tool. We-Topia and its Socio-Naturalist Philosophy can help us change that. To invest in this enterprise is to create a legacy.

We are Seeking Change

This investment is an investment in Hope

We-Topia is Not a Normal Business

Invest with us to build evolution in business. Our brand will develop into a trust fund that will support transformation for decades to come. Apply for our prospectus to discover more.