We-Topia Life Style Retreats are resort-style learning centers. Both short and long-term learning course are available. Our mission is to offer courses that are truly suited to our number one learning goal: The Reduction of Suffering


The We-Topia Philosophy of learning is built around the idea that we all have exactly the same problems. This means that all of us need exactly the same solutions

The philosophy of We-Topia is called ‘Socio-Naturalism’. It is an inclusive and secular. It is not necessarily a set of beliefs, but a way of doing things. This means that all learning opportunities can be filtered through it.

In short, as long as the learning is designed to help people reduce suffering in their lives, it is Socio-Naturalism in action.


The programs of learning we offer at We-Topia are designed for both children and adults.

 The courses are designed to enable groups of people to avoid conflict and perceive their place in the world in a way that reduces frustration and suffering.

Most people will be highly familiar with many of our courses such as nutrition, organic farming, health and physical wellbeing. But some others will appear more esoteric and spiritual, such as meditation, hands-on healing and channeling.

We believe that any such courses, taught in the right way and used with the right intention, can create opportunities to reduce suffering and improve the quality of people’s lives everywhere they are practiced.


We-Topia has live-in teachers. Our goal is to develop a sense of community within the center. We ask our teachers to be dedicated to the core mission, not because they earn a living from the center, but because the reduction of suffering is the goal of all learning.

This means that our teachers are learning in We-Topia to.  Their own lives  are the ultimate petrie-dishes through which they can determine whether their teaching works in the real world or not.


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