Healing begins in the individual but it is the world where it is enacted. We-Topia’s goal is to be a model of how business can extend healing principles from its core philosophy into the communities and countries where  our business are instituted.




As all people in the world have the same problem, suffering,  healing must begin from the inside.

We-Topia Lifestyle Villages are learning centers with a multitude of learning approaches and courses. Yet, we perceive learning as an opportunity to master a part of our self, not just a new talent or skill.

When we tackle learning as the means to enhance our own ability to face reality for what it really is, then, true healing can take place. We can stop fighting the demons of being better, having more and being someone and start to enjoy the present moment for the perfection we have already attained.



It goes with our saying that happier, healthier people, when brought together, make a happier, healthier community.

We-Topia Lifestyle Villages are not just learning centers, they will be home to some of the practitioners and teachers. Our goal is to create a wellness village that welcomes visitors to learn how we do things.

This philosophy will extend out into our local community where we will seek to be a valuable contributor to how people in that community wish to live. And, as it is a part of our core philosophy to share what we learn and what we earn, the enhancement and development of community sits right at the heart of our healing effort.

When we heal, community heals.



It sounds trite, doesn’t it? “Heal the world”! But we have to get over that if we really want to do it.

Our economic system, our social systems and our politics have real failed to serve people. We have created competitive, stressful, sick and debilitating systems by which people endeavor to hoard as much as they can. It is not wonder our world groans and creaks under this kind of approach.

Many people complain but few do anything about it. And, when someone does try to do something about it we often hear the cry of “Utopia” and “impractical”.

Well, We-Topia is not only practical, it is coming. It will provide a sound foundation for any business or system to evolve into a better one. Person by person, community by community, system by system, change is coming.

It is called We-Topia. And its intention is a better world, healing.


We are Seeking Investors

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We have prepared an investment manifesto for interested parties. Our business plan demonstrates ROI within 5 years. We are seeking investors who wish to build sustainable change in both business and society.

We Are Seeking Visionaries

This is not an Ordinary Opportunity

We-Topia is a Vision for the Future

We cannot continue running businesses and society using the same old tool. We-Topia and its Socio-Naturalist Philosophy can help us change that. To invest in this enterprise is to create a legacy.

We are Seeking Change

This investment is an investment in Hope

We-Topia is Not a Normal Business

Invest with us to build evolution in business. Our brand will develop into a trust fund that will support transformation for decades to come. Apply for our prospectus to discover more.