We-Topia Life Style Retreats is a unique business model for the twenty-first century. Revolutionary, both in products and services and its organizational design, We-Topia seeks to reinvent how business is done while evolving the purpose of wellness resorts.


Meditation at We-Topia

We-Topia LifeStyle Villages is under development. We have secured a 100 hectare plot of land in Australia for development into a learning resort and are seeking investors to fund construction of this unique venture.

Our purpose is to build a resource for lifestyle enhancement. Guests will visit to learn from lifestyle consultants. They will take away knowledge and skills in techniques as broad as nutrition, yoga, energy healing, martial arts, organic farming and meditation.

Yet our economic model is very different. Not only are profits shared with our employees, we ring-fence a proportion of profits to develop satellite enterprises.

These satellites are complimentary businesses, kick-started by loans from the core business and run by entrepreneurs from the original core team. Over time, we will build a set of connected companies,  operating under a unique profit-share model that revolutionizes how businesses interact with their employees and their community.

We-Topia Organic Farm

Our long term plan is to build We-Topia Lifestyle villages on each continent, offering an authentic resource for lifestyle learning that can be practiced by individuals in their communities.

 Through our Learn | Share | Heal philosophy We-Topia teaches people the art of lifelong contentment while engaging us all in the process of building a healthier, happier society.



We-Topia is a learning center built to teach essential, practical lifestyle skills.

From practical organic farming to spiritual practices, and personal nutrition to natural healing techniques, our customers visit our resort after enrolling on courses that can last from a few days to a few months.

We-Topia Leraning and Sharing


We share skills. And we share profits.

We-Topia courses are meant to be taken home and shared in the wider community. But also, our economy model shares the wealth of the enterprise through a trust than ensures a fairer distribution of wealth and resources generated by the business.

We-Topia Heals Communities


We teach people to heal themselves and their communities.

The Socio-Naturalist philosophy of We-Topia enables people to heal their body, mind and spirit and we extend these essential practices into our business model,  healing the wider world around us.


We are Seeking Investors

To Help Us Institute This New Enterprise

Invest Now!

We have prepared an investment manifesto for interested parties. Our business plan demonstrates ROI within 5 years. We are seeking investors who wish to build sustainable change in both business and society.

We Are Seeking Visionaries

This is not an Ordinary Opportunity

We-Topia is a Vision for the Future

We cannot continue running businesses and society using the same old tool. We-Topia and its Socio-Naturalist Philosophy can help us change that. To invest in this enterprise is to create a legacy.

We are Seeking Change

This investment is an investment in Hope

We-Topia is Not a Normal Business

Invest with us to build evolution in business. Our brand will develop into a trust fund that will support transformation for decades to come. Apply for our prospectus to discover more.